Media, Popular Culture and the Vietnam War Online Archive

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This project initially seeks to bring together the photographic archives of Philip Jones Griffiths, the film archive of Stanley Kubrick, and the journalistic archive of Philip Knightley in an interactive multimedia resource that looks at the resonances of the conflict in Vietnam today. The project will continue in the future to expand its coverage and critique of the role of media in conflict by adding more resources and critical material. As such, it will be a valuable resource for history, politics, film, photography, media and journalism scholars and students. The resource will be developed by the  team from the Photography and the Archive Research Centre (PARC) based at the London College of Communication (LCC), University of the Arts London (UAL). The project seeks to bring together 3 sets of archives initially, and to then introduce further materials during the lifetime of the resource. Initially, the project will draw on the photographs and other materials already digitised by Magnum Photos and the Philip Jones Griffiths Foundation, which amounts to approximately 3,000 items including photographs, notes and audio interviews with the photographer and other commentators. This archive is soon to be housed at a new centre at the University of Bangor and part of the National Library of Wales. From the UAL Archives and Special Collections Centre the project will draw on the digitised assets relating to the production of Stanley Kubrick’s film ‘Full Metal Jacket’, which include locations stills, production stills, annotated works and reference books, including excerpts from Jones Griffith’s Vietnam Inc. Additionally, the project will use Philip Knightley’s notebooks and reports from the period. LCC has contributed to the digitisation of these assets.

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