Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography

Fotogalereya im. bratyev Lyumyer
Russian Federation

The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography was opened in 2010. In its current form, it is a continuation of the work started by founders Natalia Grigorieva and Eduard Litvinsky in 1992 at a gallery bearing the same name, but located elsewhere. The Center was the first private gallery in Russia devoted exclusively to fine art photography and the photography of the Soviet period. Today, it boasts a wide collection of vintage and late authors' prints, and offers a window into the history of Russian photography of the period. The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography is on the grounds of an old mansion in the very heart of Moscow, close to the Kremlin and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Before the gallery's opening, the site was the home of the confectionery factory Krasny Oktyabr, built in the 19th century. A well-known hub of the Moscow art scene, the area of Red October brings together under one roof designers, architects, and artists, as well as restaurants, exhibition halls, and night clubs. The Center houses exhibitions prepared by its own curators, and also provides facilities to other interesting projects in the field of photography. Occupying an area of 1000 m², the Center includes three exhibition halls, a lecture hall, a bookstore, a library, and a cafe. Its three spacious showrooms enable the display of more than 400 photographs. Monthly attendance at the Center exceeds 10,000 visitors from all walks of life. Its regulars includes Russian and international visitors, artists, politicians, students, film stars, and diplomats, whose diversity are a testament to the significance of the Center's work, and the variety of its offerings.

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