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Magnum Photos London Office

63 Gee Street
United Kingdom

Includes United Kingdom, Ireland, Oceania, Africa and Asia exc. Japan


David Kogan – Executive Director Magnum Photos International

Daniel Costantini – CFO/COO Magnum Photos International

Hamish Crooks – Global Licensing Director hamish.crooks@magnumphotos.com

Sophie Wright - Global Cultural Director sophie.wright@magnumphotos.com

Fiona Rogers - Global Business Development Manager fiona.rogers@magnumphotos.com

Emily Graham - Cultural & Education Manager emily.graham@magnumphotos.com

Alessandra Bognetti - Special Projects & Partnerships abognetti@magnumphotos.com

Chelsea Jacob - Print Sales Representative chelsea.jacob@magnumphotos.com

Paul Hayward - Production Director paul.hayward@magnumphotos.com

Tim Paton - Advertising Sales Director tim.paton@magnumphotos.com

Ruth Hoffmann - Editorial & Publishing Representative ruth.hoffmann@magnumphotos.com

Judy Albert - Accounts Manager judy.albert@magnumphotos.com

Jasmine Cottam - Front Desk jasmine.cottam@magnumphotos.com

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