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Nikos Economopoulos

Nikos Economopoulos was born in the Peloponnese, Greece. He studied law in Parma, Italy, and worked as a journalist. In 1988 he started photographing in Greece and Turkey, and eventually abandoned journalism in order to dedicate himself to photography.

Maria Eisner

Maria EISNER LEHFELDT (ITA), was born in Milano in 1909 where she lived until the age of 6. At the first World War her family moved to Germany, and at the age of 20 in Berlin she started working for illustrated magazines.

Eliot Elisofon

In his early days with LIFE, Eliot Elisofon had no problem being "the world's greatest photographer," or any variation thereof, if he felt that it would help him get the pictures he wanted.

Elisabeth Elliot

Elisabeth Elliot appears with Magnum Photos credit in Minneapolis Sunday Tribute Picture Sunday Magazine: February 22 and March 29, 1959. 

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Misha Erwitt

Misha Erwitt is a native New Yorker and freelance photographer. He was a staff photographer for eleven years at the New York Daily News, where he developed a sharp eye for street photography and clever visual juxtapositions.