Magnum Photos Paris office

19 rue Hégésippe Moreau
75018 Paris

Magnum Photos is a photographic co-operative of great diversity and distinction owned by its photographer-members. With powerful individual vision, Magnum photographers chronicle the world and interpret its peoples, events, issues and personalities. Through its four editorial offices in New York, London, Paris and Tokyo, and a network of fifteen sub-agents, Magnum Photos provides photographs to the press, publishers, advertising, television, galleries and museums across the world.

The Magnum Photos library is a living archive updated daily with new work from across the globe. The library houses all the work produced by Magnum photographers and some special collections by non-members. There are approximately one million photographs in both print and transparency in the physical library, with over 500,000 images available online.

Within the library, most of the major world events and personalities from the Spanish Civil War to the present day are covered. There are constantly updated profiles on most countries of the world, covering industry, society and people, places of interest, politics and news events, disasters and conflict. The Magnum Photos library reflects all aspects of life throughout the world and the unparalleled sense of vision, imagination and brilliance of the greatest collective of documentary photographers. In short, when you picture an iconic image, but can't think who took it or where it can be found, it probably came from Magnum.

Photographer Holdings

Christopher Anderson

Eve Arnold

Olivia Arthur


Micha Bar-Am

Bruno Barbey

Jonas Bendiksen

Ian Berry

Werner Bischof

Miguel Rio Branco

Michael Christopher Brown

René Burri

Robert Capa

Cornell Capa

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Chien-Chi Chang

Antoine D'Agata

Bruce Davidson

Carl De Keyzer

Raymond Depardon

Bieke Depoorter

Thomas Dworzak

Nikos Economopoulos

Elliott Erwitt

Martine Franck

Stuart Franklin

Leonard Freed

Paul Fusco

Jean Gaumy

Bruce Gilden

Burt Glinn

Philip Jones Griffiths

Harry Gruyaert

Philippe Halsman

Erich Hartmann

David Alan Harvey

Tim Hetherington

Thomas Hoepker

Sohrab Hura

David Hurn

Jim Goldberg

Richard Kalvar

Josef Koudelka

Hiroji Kubota

Sergio Larrain

Guy Le Querrec

Erich Lessing

Herbert List

Alex Majoli

Constantine Manos

Peter Marlow

Steve McCurry

Susan Meiselas

Wayne Miller

Inge Morath

John G. Morris

Trent Parke

Martin Parr

Paolo Pellegrin

Gilles Peress

Magnum Photographers (General)

Gueorgui Pinkhassov

Mark Power

Raghu Rai

Eli Reed

Cristina Garcia Rodero

George Rodger

Moises Saman

Alessandra Sanguinetti

Ferdinando Scianna

Jerome Sessini

David Seymour

Marilyn Silverstone

W. Eugene Smith

Jacob Aue Sobol

Alec Soth

Chris Steele-Perkins

Dennis Stock

Mikhael Subotzky

Nicolas Tikhomiroff

Larry Towell

Peter van Agtmael

John Vink

Alex Webb

Donovan Wylie

Patrick Zachmann

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